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Patent/Trademark Prosecution Services


Our team assists our clients to provide best Patent/Trademark Prosecution support with very affordable and reasonable cost. We also have a broad network with other foreign patent and law firms enabling us to support our clients abroad in the strong protection and utilization of their IP rights.

Business Consultation IPSignals trademark copyright patents

Patent Drafting Services

A patent is much more than a symbol of innovation; for an organization, it is a strategic and indispensable business asset and provides the framework for its success. 

We have in-depth experience and expertise in drafting patent applications (both provisional and non-provisional) in diverse technical fields including computer science and information technology, electronics, bio-medical, pharmaceuticals, mechanical, automotive, etc. All drafts are reviewed and verified against quality checklists. We ensure that all possible variations of the invention are covered in the description while drafting the patent application. 

Our expertise encompasses drafting services for Utility, Design and Business method patent applications. Our team’s international experience, complemented by their technological planning, enables us to offer unparalleled drafting services for clients in India, the USA, Europe and across the world.

Office Action Reply

Office actions are the possible objections or rejections of the disclosure and claims in the patent application which are filed by the patent examiner after the filing if the non-provisional patent application that needs more clarification in terms of technical, legal, or grammatical aspects (if any).

An application may be very well drafted, but if the arguments to the office action are weak, it could ruin a potential innovation’s protective rights. Our practitioners are technically strong and trained to craft technical arguments based on the laws guided by patent laws around the globe.

Patent/Trademark Filing 

We assist our clients for filing Patent and Trademark applications through our associated partners. We have strong network worldwide to meet our client’s needs and requirements at very competitive budget.

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